aaronny (theunrealmovie) wrote in depth_of_field,

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i wish i had my own darkroom. then i wouldn't have to rent time at our local 'darkroom' where i feel rushed to do this and that and my time is being priced.
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Aww. If you did black and white developing you could do it at home.
i do. i guess i forgot to mention that. that's basically all i develop, so 'the darkroom' charges $8 per hour..... i just don't have the room where i live. i live in a garage at my mom/stepdads house. no space, no excuses.
If you have a bathroom, you have space!!
what do i enter as my password in ijournal to post in this community? (im already a member)
well, if you're logged in already just go to update journal and after Personal Settings, click on the drop down menu that says 'journal to post in', where, if you are a member already for sure, should mention "depth_of_field", including all other communities you're a member of...i think that's what you mean.